What Is #gardenchat

#gardenchat is a Twitter based chat forum where garden enthusiasts from all walks of life connect and interact sharing ideas about their experience growing.

How #gardenchat Connects

In the week leading up to the #gardenchat event a topic is networked on the social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and the official #gardenchat site.

Questions are submitted for our guest host that are answered during the event. Everyone attending the chat are encouraged to share their experience and asking questions. A transcript is saved after each Monday event that can be viewed on the transcript page as well as a PDF that can be downloaded for future reference. Documentation of the topic is a great way to keep the garden experience alive and available for anyone at their convenience.

If you are interested in sharing as a guest host on #gardenchat please submit a topic* you would like us to network to Bren of BGgarden.com .

How-to Participate in #gardenchat

Participating in #gardenchat is easy. If you have a Twitter account all you have to do is enter #gardenchat in the search box located on the HOME page of your account at Twitter.com. You will begin to see what the garden world on twitter is sharing. Participants will have to refresh the Twitter URL often to see what others are adding in real time to the conversation. Check out our live feed on the righ hand corner of this webpage.

To participate you may also use a third party application like tweetchat.com, Twubs.com just to name a few.  We recommend Tweetdeck,com because they are owned by Twitter. There are dozens of different tools designed to make Tweeting easy for you. * Please note that the use of these alternative application it does not always ensure an optimal networking experience. Always refer to your Twitter account for accurate networking on #gardenchat.

Become a Guest Host

Interested in guest hosting to share a gardening topic? Do you have a product for gardening you’d like to have featured on our community? Contact Bren of BGgarden.com

 Meet The Host

Brenda Haas has been the administrator of #gardenchat since 10/2010

Add #gardenchat To Your Website or Blog

#gardenchat is open to everyone who enjoys making the world a better place by sharing the love of gardening. If you would like to support the #gardenchat community by adding a widget to your website copy the html code below. Be sure to tweet us that you added the link so we can follow you!

What People Are Saying About #gardenchat

@yardsmart tweets ” Everyone in #gardenchat always has such great tips and tricks to share. Wonderful source of info “

@StarkBrosCares tweets “#gardenchat is the best place 4 this! –>RT @bg_garden: KNOW your network! Come talk to other people tweeting gardening on #gardenchat ”

@MichaelNolan tweets ” #gardenchat is the best weekly social group I’ve ever seen for gardeners”

@gardenstacey / #mslchat on ‘Homegrown’ Martha Stewart ” Twitter Chatting: The Next Big Thing For Gardeners”

@whereplantsrock tweets “#gardenchat is the place where kindness and information is shared between fellow gardeners. Glad to be a part of it!”

BloominChick tweets “gardening was a life saver for me; has helped me to heal in many ways, to move fwd in others. #gardenchat “

agardendiary tweets “Amazing how much you learn during the frenzy of #gardenchat “

@MotherlovePR tweets” #gardenchat was amazing. What a nice group of people – and excellent (relevant) information to boot.”


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