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Live Streaming on-Location

A few of our favorite videos from past events where we streamed the #gardenchat event live on our site. Check out more in our video archive on connect-share-grow page. and be sure to follow @thegardenchat on Twitter for all live coverage events.

Chicago Live 2015 : March 2015

Event Information including sponsors, giveaways and garden information at : #gardenchat Live in Chicago 2015

You can view all the #gardenchat videos at : Garden Chat Live on Youtube

Live at @TheYarden in Chicago with @CoronaTools

Live at @TheYarden in Chicago with @Moss_Rocks , @MikeNow, @HelenYoest

Live at the #GWA11 in Indy with @SeedKeeperCo

Live at the #GWA11 in Indy with @gardenwiseguy ( BillyGoodnick) and @MaryKateMackey

Live at the #GWA11 in Indy with @WDCgardener

Live at the #GWA11 in Indy with @cityslipper

#gardenchat at the #FallFest11 Event

Meet Beth who provides fresh food to neighborhoods that wouldn’t have access if it weren’t for the delivery from her little yellow truck in the video top left.Do you know how to tell when a bean is ready to be harvested? In the video top right you will hear from a volunteer at Greensgrow Farm just how to know when it is time to pick.

The Autumn scent of fresh peppers being roasted was part of the atmosphere at the Fall Festival via the work of Beau in the video above at #FallFest11.

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2013 Featured Events

February 20-24 on-location at the #nwfgs in Seattle Washington




On Super Bowl Sunday 2010-2013 #gardenchat kicked off a planting frenzy including a huge seed swap, educational links filled with how-to’s and tons of giveaways that were featured on Twitter. These events caught the eye of over 100,000 audience on Twitter.¬† Be sure to follow @TheGardenChat on Twitter for upcoming #supersowsunday events and highlights.

You can view complete event with transcript at #supersowsunday’ 11 .#supersowsunday `12



Archive 2012

October 2012 on-location at #GWA12 in Tuscon Arizona

August 20th on-location at Chicago’s Peterson Garden Project at #gardenchat on-location Chicago’12

August 9th on-location at Spring Meadows Nursery for Media Day : #GWmediaDay

May on-location at #G2B12 Event in Little Rock, Arkansas

April 1 on-location in Philadelphia PA for the Philadelphia Farm and Food Festivial #PF3
March 2-5 on-location in Philadelphia PA for the Philadelphia International Flower Show #FLOWERSHOW

February 8-12 on-location in Seattle Washington for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. #NWFGS

January 17 – 20 on-location in Southern Florida to cover the #TPIE12 Event


Kicking Off The Season of Giving on #gardenchat 2011


 Archive 2011

August 2011 #gardenchat on-location at The Yarden

October 1,2011 #gardenchat at the #FallFest11.




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