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  1. Sara

    I tried to participate in the supersowsunday event last night, but I think I did something wrong. I watched my twitter feed during that time and saw and answered the nine questions, and I also saw who won the subarugarden and sustainable seed gift certificate prizes, but I did not see who won the other prizes, answers from the featured experts, or the promotional code that I read was tweeted. I have a feeling I missed a large/major part of the event, and would like to participate correctly tonight at 9 as well as next year. Where, on-line, am I supposed to go at the appropriate time to participate? What am I supposed to be looking at during the chats to participate? I am brand-new to twitter, and have never done a chat before. All help is appreciated!

    1. brenhaas

      Hey Sara,
      I see from your twitter feed you are super new to Twitter! You totally dived into the network by participating in a Twitter chat like #supersowsunday. I share information on how to participate in twitter chat events like #gardenchat on the official website .

      I would suggest you check out the app called Tweetdeck ( which is partnered with Twitter and will allow you to add specific lists to a column for real time viewing. I use Tweetdeck to participate on #gardenchat each week. If you have any questions about that app please tweet me and I will do my best to help you out.

      The complete event pdf is available for viewing at

      I hope this helps and please feel free to tweet me or email me anytime!

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