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46 thoughts on “#gardenchat Twitter Community

  1. Preserving Appalachian Heirloom varieties of vegetables through planting in the garden, nuturing through the harvest; preparing the garden bounty for my family and friends connects me to the contemporary farm-to-table movement….which is an ancient as Appalachia itself.

  2. Growing roses has become a passion. I tweet as @RedneckRosarian.com

  3. Sharing the importance of feeding your #soil natural nutrients for the health of your plants and our planet! @GreenSoil

  4. I am delighted to be a part of this group: great ideas and gardening support from everywhere, and I’ve met some lovely people. What I love most about gardening: the contrariness of it all, the anticipation of every new tree, shrub, or bulb. There’s always something new to learn, and there is always someone new to learn it from, or share it with.

  5. Sharing with and learning from the great gardening community helps our garden grow! I tweet about our daily adventures at @modernmiagarden.

  6. I tweet @Ma_Hubbard and share my four season garden and gluten free cooking tips at http://www.motherofahubbard.com.

    Gardens are as good for growing children as they are plants; I love to spend time in the garden with my family. Gardening keeps me tuned in with nature and gives me peace of mind knowing EXACTLY what is in my family’s food. The garden is an essential part of our family’s health.

  7. You can find me tweeting at @tammycurry. My current blog site is: http://squirrelpointfarm.wordpress.com. Not only I am building a sustainable farm for my family, I am sharing our journey and hoping to encourage others to make small changes in their lives to promote a more sustainable world for now and the future.

  8. Emily Jane Hubbard says:

    I tweet at @emilyjanehubb. I have no idea what I’m doing in our garden. A not-very-awesome third-trimester container garden last year quickened my atavistic agricultural yearnings, but as a much younger sibling, I was around gardening a lot more than I did any. (Yes, I was an English major and spent far too much time on that sentence.) I have three young kids (4-6months) to help/hinder me and a supportive husband who’s into the ornamental side of gardening. And my mom gave me a container of horse manure for Christmas.

  9. Anything new in gardening – indoors or out – and anything that will make people better gardeners and the earth healthier.

  10. My gardening & growing motto:

    “Gardening is civil and social, but it wants the vigor and freedom of the forest and the outlaw”

    I am a home vegetable gardener and urban greenhouse grower, producing organic vegetables and plants for my local farmers market :)

    I tweet from the account @outlawathome and I just added the #gardenchat widget to my blog!

  11. @laurengracet

    I’m an MSU horticulture senior excited to dig even deeper into my garden and career when I graduate. I want to learn it all, and #gardenchat sounds like a blast!

  12. We love #Gardenchat! You can follow us @GLGHSSturgis. Our favorite part about gardening is helping our guests achieve results that they never thought were possible. We specialize in indoor and outdoor growing, and are very pleased to be manufacturing our own brand of Organic Soil, handcrafted from the finest micro-nutrients Michigan has to offer.

  13. I love #gardenchat and was a guest host last year. Horticulture Therapy is my main gig, and I also write and blog. http://www.robertstropicalparadisegarden.blogspot.com/. My father got me started gardening as a toddler and I have been hooked ever since.
    I tweet from @robbornstein

  14. I am IGC business manager at Ball Horticultural Company. My passion is independent garden centers and my day job is going to bat for them here at Ball every day. I am also a gardener who loves planting anything in the dirt. I enjoy the smell of mulch and dirty fingernails…

  15. I tweet as @ElenaWill
    I blog as The Transplanted Gardener ElenaWil.wordpress.com
    I love gardening because you are out in the fresh air and sunshine plus you get veggies!

  16. My Twitter Name: @BloominChick

    My Sites: Diggin’ Around @ http://digginaround.blogspot.com (where I blog about my passions & life) Through My Eyes 360 @ http://throughmyeyes360.blogspot.com (my photo blog) and right here at Connect-Share-Grow, home of my gardening memoir column, Adventures In Gardening, and #GardenWalk Thursdays!

    What I love about gardening is the connection – to myself, to nature and to something bigger than either – the joy, healing and comfort it brings me.

  17. I love indoor gardening so I invented Living Ledge™ which is a patented, specialty garden container system that can be temporarily attached to any completely smooth surface using mega strong suction cups. This innovative gardening system allows anyone to garden vertically, using any window, in any season.
    Can’t wait to log on, learn and share. Thanks a bunch and Happy Growing! ~ Chrissy Rex

  18. my twitter is @s_solow, plus, have a new blog http://MissShareesGTFS.blogspot.com. I am most active in Facebook but trying to catch up everwhere.

    I have a no-lawn yard on a very public sidewalk near the train station. I educate lots of people who walk and drive the block with half the front yard as a rock garden/half with a mixed bed and the small rear yard is a Japanese influenced pond garden with bonsai.

    What do I like best? Design

  19. I am @plotbyplot, and I love sharing with others how to grow food for the family even on a busy, work-a-day schedule. Let’s transform how and what people eat plot by plot!

  20. Love gardening with my children!!!

  21. The Greater Gwinnett Rose Society is a local affiliate of the American Rose Society. Our mission is to encourage people to grow and enjoy roses. Our monthly meetings feature speakers on topics pertinent to rose growing. Refreshments will be served and our ARS Consulting Rosarians will be glad to answer your rose questions. All rose growers from novice to expert are welcome to attend at no charge. We look forward to seeing you!

  22. I am @craftygrdenmama. I write http://www.craftygardenmama.com which is a guide to organic gardening, green parenting and living an eco-friendly lifestyle. I love to garden in order to connect with the earth and show our daughter where her food begins.

  23. We are trying to become self sufficient. We grow fruit, vegetables and produce some of our own meat. We have chickens for eggs too. We love the way gardening take away the stress from everyday life. Its so rewarding being able to pick your own dinner, cook it and eat it in a matter of an hour!

  24. Hello! We’ve finally hopped on the social media band wagon! On twitter we are:
    website: http://www.missioterra.com
    We enjoy the whole process of bringing the crop from seed to table. We love putzing around our garden, discovering new ideas, recipes, etc to try out/share. We also enjoy connecting with others and cross pollinating :)
    We’re a Horticulture Hick (from birth practically) and an Urban Chick on a mission. We have a passion for both beauty and justice, we love beautiful plants and also donate 10% to make the world a better place .
    Would love to put garden chat on our website once we get the go ahead. Look forward to connecting. Thanks and happy planting!

  25. Love to teach organic gardening at schools or anywhere. I’m all about soil & raw foods of color! Eat Your plants!

  26. Twitter: @gagasgarden
    Web site: http://www.gagasgarden.com
    The World of Everything That Grows | So That Garden Legends May Live On By the Designs & Impressions They Leave Upon The Earth | Our Hearts | Minds | Souls
    Thank-you Bren for Gardenchat!

  27. It’s always a great day when we can #GardenChat! We’re @thehorticult and TheHorticult.com. We love gardening because it’s science, art and food rolled into one fragrant package.

    Also — when you know about the plants that are surrounding you (including trees on the street!), it makes your experience of life even richer, every single day.

  28. Hello, this is Anne @FlourSackMama on Twitter, from the blog FlourSackMama.com. We’re trying to carry on Grandma’s best traditions while improving on what we know better. I love growing some of our own organic food in our little family garden, and I appreciate that organic gardening gives the entire family something to do outdoors.

  29. Hi, I’m Dottie @SimmonsNaturals. I soap maker and garden-a-holic. I’ve been mostly vegetable gardening & putting up fruits & vegetables since I was a teen, way, way back in the last century! The grandkids help in our organic gardens these days.
    Life in the garden is goooood!

  30. @mainlineflower http//:www.mainlineflowerpot.com loves the limitless possibilities of container gardening.

  31. @harvestgm

    I am a food blogger / photographer / 15 years garden design
    I’d love to join the team !
    Deanna Ruppelli

  32. I grow heirlooms and teach kids school gardening w/an emphasis on soil & eating raw organic foods. @FlowervineMom FB: Flowervine Farm & Designs.

  33. I have been blogging about the been Industry for 10 years. Love learning and sharing. Gardening is my passion. I tweet as @thelawnblog

  34. I occassionly enjoy blogging about Gardening and other stuff at ReinhardtRose.com and I tweet as @ReinhardtRose

  35. @DABSPlantTrials

    My favorite thing about gardening is how even after a hard, stressful day there is something relaxing and therapeutic about spending time in the garden. Also, being on the trials side of things – I see some pretty awesome plant material!

  36. Thanks guys. I can’t think of the one thing I love about gardening the most. Just what it does to our peace of mind. http://www.mayfieldplant.com @mayfieldplantco on Twitter and Instagram

  37. edencondensed says:

    I love creating beautiful, bountiful, and intimate gardens that inspire people to step outside and live.
    Google+ : angelaprice or edencondensed

  38. I am @deltagardener on twitter. You can find me on google+ at https://plus.google.com/u/0/100632556647787080930/posts. My blog is at https://thatbloomingarden.wordpress.com/ I love growing food and flowers and teaching children in school gardens.

  39. Hello! Multiflora Greenhouses is a family owned and operated 6 acre greenhouse that has been in business for over 30 years. We specialize in providing bedding and container plants (annuals and perennials), decorative planters, floral and foliage plants, hanging baskets, vegetables and poinsettias to both wholesale and retail customers.

  40. I’m Sustainable Communities Consultant and Artivist of a grassroots initiative known as Sustainable Queens (SustyQ),which promotes health and community engagement by integrating artistic creativity, holistic wellness practices, and ecological principles of building healing spaces.


    And you can find me at http://www.about.me/aapremlall

  41. Lisa Eldred Steinkopf says:

    I love houseplants and share them daily. My blog is houseplantguru.blogspot.com I’m also on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, and Google+

  42. I’m Elizabeth and I have “A French Hen” – a website with a blog, a “Quote of the Day”, author of comic strip called “SilkieVille”, soon to open an Online shop of vintage and handcrafted items, and this summer A French Hen will be rolling out a Garden page featuring helpful hints, DIY garden projects, and the Wish List! You can find A French Hen on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/afrenchhen , on Twitter at https://twitter.com/AFrenchHen

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